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by Paul GilmoreI’ve been inching up to what is probably going to become a basic prayer of mine for the next few years. Though I didn’t know it, the prayer seems to have simmered up from a recent conversation with a tight friendship circle, a few reflections on the lives of brothers, and an article that I read from a theologian I respect. Even with those prior soul contacts, I wasn’t listening to my soul until I opened an email.

I get this email regularly. It’s from one of the digital photo collections which send me pictures. In this particular email, there are always six new pictures. You can’t click on the pictures to see or download them. You have to hover under what you see and click the box “View More.”

Those two words are becoming a ready prayer. I’m finding myself feeling those words, thinking them, contemplating them. They hold a basic request that continues to flourish in my depths.

I’ll be asking God to grant that to my congregants and to my patients and to my students. I’ll be praying for larger views for the folks in my family and for my friends. I pray that for you who might fall over this post. I hope and I pray that you will, by God’s help, be able to view more.

Keep looking. Keep listening. Keeping seeing more.

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