Books Written

You can find my books on my Amazon author page here.

When You Pray is a collection of prayers, under different categories, to help you open your soul and search your soul in God’s presence. It aims to help give words–to add to your words–in your heart as you speak to and listen to God. Learn more here.

Follow is a set of reflections for the follower of Jesus from the gospel of Mark. It aims to give you one reflection a week, with prayers, questions, and a blessing as you follow Jesus. I follow each scripture passage with one next step in keeping with my approach to listen to the biblical materials around what it means to follow Jesus. Learn more here.

Endure is a collection of meditations reflecting upon Hannah’s experience of praying. These meditations underline the long, enduring prayerfulness making up Hannah’s life with God. Originally written with the season of Lent in mind, this book can also be used for any other focused time of prayer. Perhaps you need a guide to ask God for something. Choose Hannah. Use this book to listen to her story and to turn toward God in your own way. Learn more here.

Hope: Meditations Before, During, & After Advent is a collection of meditations for people interested in a slow discovery of the birth of Jesus. Based upon readings in the Gospel of Luke, the meditations are brief and include questions and a one-sentence prayer to enrich your devotional practice. You can read the daily meditation to begin your day and have material to revisit throughout it. This devotional will give you language to pray, questions to ask, and truths to live. Visit Amazon to get the book.

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