The Calls We Make

Yesterday we made the call not to include the boy in a family matter. It was a serious matter and one that I led the way to say, in other words, “I’m not ready for him to be in on that.” At some point, it’ll come up.

It’s a normal, family thing. Relatives get sick, and one of ours is sick right now. That’s how I’ve thought to explain it to Bryce, particularly without more information.

We’re in that dismal waiting period, the period I see dozens of people in all the time where the walls are painted with unanswered questions and where the people who can find answers are hardly around. I didn’t want to tell my boy who is full of good questions these days that I didn’t know, that we don’t know.

So, I suggested what Dawn went along with, what nobody else in the family questioned: leave Bryce out of it. For now. Especially since information is where it is. At some point, he’ll naturally be in it. And I’ll be ready for that.

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