A Prayer For Writers #5

I haven’t in a while, but I started writing and posting prayers for writers and for others.  These prayers come out of my writing life, out of my hopes for the writers among us, and out of my desire for this blog to sit at the intersections between faith and writing.  Pray them or a line from them, with and for the writers you read, know, and support.  This prayer is about rejection and persistence.  Join me, if you will.

Dear God,

When the anticipations which once gave hope have fallen away; when the dreams which decorated our imaginations have turned; when the efforts and energies which once swelled purpose have drowned in reality; when rejection has convinced us that the full space of received creativity is too crowded and the consistent whispers of friends is forgotten; when passion has been misplaced, misdirected, and misshaped; grant us the ever-increasing melody that will not go unheard, the rumble of an instrument underneath our feet, the blaring of an unseen horn, the striking of unseen strings.  Pull that music from every possible source and play it into us that the embers of persistence might churn and shift and renew us and every word that comes from you.  In the name of the One who wrote lost words in the sand, Amen.


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