25 Things I’m Telling My Son As Often As Possible

  1. I love you.
  2. Listen first.
  3. You are brilliant.
  4. You can be a gift to everyone you meet today.
  5. Obey me.  And your mother.
  6. Play your guitar and sing and dance and spin around in the floor.
  7. Don’t hurt your friends.
  8. Clean up behind yourself.
  9. This is our house, and we let you live here, for now.
  10. Your smile melts me.  Usually.
  11. Mommy loves you more than she could ever communicate through all those hugs and kisses.
  12. You come from a long, beautiful history, so ask me about it any day.
  13. Thank you for playing quietly when you woke up so early.
  14. Tell me what you’re thinking.
  15. Pray for me.
  16. There are immeasurably wonderful people in the world, but there are people worth leaving.
  17. Bend or stretch to smell every flower you walk by.
  18. You’ll get to drive one day, so keep pretending for as long as possible.
  19. Take your fingers out of your mouth.
  20. Never disrespect an older person even if it makes you change.
  21. Chew your food before you swallow it.
  22. I’m sorry.
  23. I need those hugs you give.
  24. I wish you could have grown up with your grandfathers.
  25. I’m still learning everything.

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