Top 10 Cities for Bookbuyers

TBR Pile #1

TBR Pile #1

Livability’s top ten cities for book lovers…Have you ever read such a wonderful list?  They rank cities based upon the presence of independent bookstores, support of those books, and a few other factors.  Most the cities were surprises to me, in a refreshing way.

Even if your favorite city for books isn’t on it, the idea is compelling.  It may be worth compiling your own list.  What would be on it?  Or, if there’s traveling in your future, perhaps you can choose one of these places.  I think it’s worth doing, planning travel around the love  of reading and purchasing books.

As for this list, I’m partial to their number one city, the city of roses.  I fell in love with Portland as a place, at least, to visit when I went to the Rose Garden and Powells in the same day.  And Jake’s Grill only sealed the deal.

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