Bonding With Your Child

I saw this post and thought to share the high points; it’s a quick reminder about the mutual benefits of fathers developing bonds with their children.  Here’s a summary with two sentences from the original post:

Get skin-to-skin.  The baby is happiest when connecting skin-to-skin with mama or papa. His temperature, heart, and breathing rates will be more consistent, and his blood sugar more stable.

Play games.  Make silly faces, play peek-a-boo, sing songs, for your baby. Set aside regular time for baby, whether it’s after work or in the morning, appoint a special time that’s just for you and the little one, so as the baby grows, this special bonding time becomes part of the daily routine.

Have glow time.  It’s all about taking personal time to lavish yourself and shine! While mama is taking some alone time to shine and do what she loves, you can have glow time with your baby.

Take charge.  Mama may like things done a certain way and may even school you on how to handle certain tasks when it comes to baby like- how to warm a bottle, change a diaper, comfort your baby, etc. But you will develop your own way of doing these things.

Slay your lists.  Men like to “fix” things and get things done, be productive, etc. When you are able to satisfy her needs and help reduce her stress load by checking off some of her to-do-list she will be thrilled- and when mama is happy everyone is happy.

Keep it movin’.  Whether you’re doing baby bench presses with your infant, baby yoga, or daddy dance party getting your baby to giggle while you’re moving him around is great. Movement also helps increase the baby’s muscle tone, and trains the baby’s proprioceptors- his sense of self in relation to space.

Find a papa posse.  Having a sense of community and knowing that you are not alone is key. Being a new father can be an isolating experience but certainly doesn’t have to be.

Read the full point by going here.

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