10 Things I Love About You

Dear Bryce,

Here are ten things I love about you, and I’ve confined myself to the comings and goings of our car rides:

  1. The sound of your voice when we hear, “Oh, oh, oh, it’s the Tom Joyner Morning Show.”
  2. The habit of your asking for, expecting, and eating yogurt, which mommy started, I might add.
  3. Your instructions to “Go,” and your patience when I explain red lights and stopped cars.
  4. The way you say, “My daddy,” as to remind me that you are mine and I’m yours.
  5. Your periodic requests to go over there, when there is always a park in that direction.
  6. The leap in your voice every time you scream, “Fire truck,” or “Police car,” or “Ambulance.”
  7. Each expression from your mother because so many of less pleasant ones come from me.
  8. The way you yell “Water Fountain!” when we drive by Buckingham.
  9. The time it takes you to recover when we drop your mom off at class.
  10. The way you’ve made me love leaving the car, slowing down, and walking in the rain.

    One of Several Road Trips Last Year


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