Host Your Dreams

I have been thinking about dreams, at least, since I listened to Dr. Sam Chand talk about himself as a dream releaser when he consulted with us at Sweet Holy Spirit almost twenty years ago.

I was very new and just as young while serving the church. Almost daily, I confirmed in my mind that I was not equipped to serve as an executive pastor. With my degrees, with my history growing up at the church, with my spiritual sonship threading through my life there, with occasional phone calls on random days from Grandfather Ellis to calm me down.

Sometimes, the work is more convincing than the dreams. Sometimes, the reality is that you cannot do what your dreams tell you that you can. Sometimes, we live in the real world so long that we believe the world of our dreams is not how God pulls us together, nightly, fixes our brain breaks, and inspires us to do what our ancestors and our communities need.

Even though I knew the church, it was my home, like the back of my head, I did not know all that it needed. As a part of the church staff, we needed a person to come and stoke the dreams of the church, of the pastor, of the staff.

Among the things Dr. Chand did was listen to the dreams of our leadership. He talked, listened, considered. Something about his ministry vitalized me. He was, among other things, hosting our dreams.

He did more than that, but in those first gestures, as an experienced leader, he was modeling for me how to host the dreams of others.

Everyone needs dreams. Everyone needs to pursue dreams. Everyone, in order to pursue dreams, needs people to host those dreams.

There is a place for challenging them and certainly a place for practically weighing the costs of pursuit, for considering the routes to their fulfillment. But it starts with locating the hosts of what’s so close.

You need a host for your dreams–and one that isn’t only you and that isn’t only God. You may not unroll all the dreams to one person, but the act of sharing even pieces of your dream is an act of becoming whole.

Ask God to send you hosts for what you’ve held, capable hosts for what’s deep within. You don’t have to carry your dreams alone, even during seasons of particular loneliness. You don’t have to go after or fulfill them alone either. May you have the company you need.


  1. I am appreciating this message, especially right now.
    I have all the tools, resources, and capabilities to fulfill this phase of my dreams. I break them down into phases so I can make adjustments if necessary
    I’ve added this message to my toolbox too.
    If I’m honest, I have received everything that I’ve prayed for to fulfill my ‘dreams’ and my purpose for this phase.

    All I have to do is simply step into it- pull the pieces together.
    I recognize the anxiety and uncertainty that is causing me to stall. I can point my finger at the feeling. I’ll call it fear for now.

    Fortunately, I do have friends who encourage me to take the baby steps. My friends remind me of my own triumphs and skills.
    I find it most comforting when people share how my fears and concerns are the very reason why I am the best person for the tasks. Apparently, these ‘fears’ give us the humility that make us relatable and empathetic to the communities that we serve.
    Just as important, these ‘fears’ transform to become fuel for encouragement in ourselves and others.

    That is exactly what is happening right now, and happens again, everytime someone reads your message. It is why I added this message to my toolbox.

    I imagine that these memories triggers moments of triumph to remind all of us that we can do hard things. It is also creating a blanket that these feelings are natural and normal even for the most gifted and talented.

    This is another permission to proceed into purpose. I can stop procrastinating under the guise of perfectionism and take action. I will acknowledge the fears, they can come along, but they will not stop me. And the sooner they fade away, the faster, and probably farther, I will go.
    Baby steps.
    A whole lot of baby steps, for both fears and for dreams.

    Thank you for sharing your stories



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