Living Windows

WNCThis week the leadership of the National Cathedral decided to remove two confederate flags from the stained glass windows in the beautiful building. What remains will be a conversation starter for those who visit the Cathedral with plans for the Chapter (i.e., the leadership at the Cathedral) to determine in the next couple years “how the windows will live in the Cathedral.” The original piece I read is here.

I also read a wonderful article at Christianity Today that reminded me about the long history of Black church burnings in the United States and what it means when our churches burn. That piece is here.

I have very little room to think through these two pieces. I want to, and I will soon, but not right now. What’s in me requires space and patience to come forth. Sometimes good words and interesting experiences do that to me. They make me want to find the best words for the occasion.

But there’s teaching to be done, children challenging my limits, and other words rumbling in my head. For the moment, I’m putting these up here for my future reference. I’m not alone in this, but I have things to say. Even if I can’t put my words into sentences yet.


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