Quote of the Day

Photo Thanks to Charlie Foster

Photo Thanks to Charlie Foster

I’m posting quotes as we go through the fuzzy zone of being new parents again in these next days. This quote comes from Peter Steinke (A Door Set Open, 12-13):

…nonplaces and superabundance.  Non-places are spaces designed for anonymity, passing through, and nonengagement…Disappearing are places intended for relationships, such as churches and civic groups. Few places remain where people can find community, meaning, and hope. The other feature of supermodernity is superabundance. An excess of events begs for our attention, but who has time to reflect on each one? To discern the meaning of an event is impossible when, the very next day, new events sweep over us. When excess combines with acceleration, no time is available for deliberating and musing. Everything becomes impermanent, fleeting, and remains unexamined.



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