Letter of Intent

Photo Thanks to Jon Ottosson

Photo Thanks to Jon Ottosson

I have to send a letter of intent to sit before a committee soon. The template is on one of my desks. I see it everyday since I printed it out as a reminder that sending the letter is an important step in one of my growth processes.

It’s a simple form, but it’s a staple in my process and in the batch of materials which it indicates will follow. My committee is tied to it. My conversation happens after it. My effort in between is also linked.

I haven’t had time to blog the last couple weeks but I’m thinking about writing a letter of intent for myself for the new year. People write resolutions. I don’t. But here are some of my intentions in the random order I think of them.

I intend:

  1. To see something beautiful and memorable with my wife at my side
  2. To love the church, the class, and every context in which I serve others
  3. To write something that other people will use
  4. To keep that monthly meal with the Swansons for 3rd/4th year
  5. To become a supervisory candidate this spring
  6. To be accepted and to accept myself
  7. To create, to lead, to stay close to myself
  8. To be a better father with both my sons
  9. To watch Dawn cry when our second is born–ha
  10. To be a great son and brother
  11. To share and be generous while being more patient
  12. To help creative people become/stay grounded
  13. To be the friend who shows up when needed
  14. To cook more
  15. To advance in my physical care/exercise/training
  16. To be undoubtedly and unmistakably relentless, especially while loving
  17. To update my advance directives
  18. To revise my blogs
  19. To locate resources for a writing project
  20. To start something new

What about you?

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