Participating in Mystery

I was re-reading Emmanuel Lartey the other day as he described classical pieces of pastoral care, and he wrote this about healing:

“The mystery is that we do not know God’s intention or the form in which God’s presence will take. This calls for openness and attentiveness.”

Being a part of God’s healing work as a caregiver–and care is a broad word admittedly–means seeing oneself as a participant in mystery. That means, in part, that every act can’t be specifically defined. Perhaps every act can’t even be described. There’s inherent humility in healing, isn’t it? At least, if you take the view that God is involved.

You live knowing that your behavior isn’t always translatable. You may rub against the ineffable, the indescribable. When you do, it helps to be humble. It helps to accept that “I can’t describe it” nature of what happened. It helps to pause, to feel the striking nature of care.

Real care leaves you thankful. It leaves you aware that you’ve been blessed and that you’ve benefited from something you may not be able to put into words.

My Blog: Prayer of the Week

We seek many things. Sometimes, in our seeking, we turn away from you.

Be unmissable this week. Be in our way this season. Be traceable and visible and unmistakable.

As we turn toward what’s ahead, help us see your presence there. Make our attempts to see hoped-for things soul attempts to locate you. Transform our desires until they become desires for you, for the Holy.

You created us to be curious people, resilient people, even stubborn people. You placed within us the hard-to-beat impulse to seek. Grant that we might keep seeking. Grant that we might do as Jesus says and find.