My Blog: Spending Yourself

Spend some of your quiet moments with yourself, considering yourself, thinking about you.

Not the job. Not the task. Not the vision. Not the project. Just you.

Your mind, dutiful as it is, will resist it. Your spirit may feel anxious. It’ll feel like a small robbery, this giving of yourself back to yourself and not giving you away to some other thing.

Take it in and feel what it’s like. You need those moments. They will make you and re-make you after you’ve spent you. Those moments are prayerfulness. Those moments are times of contemplation and rest. You need them.

When I Stepped Away

Last week, Monday, you came to my neighborhood, took me to eat, and to do whatever I thought was nourishing to my soul, which happened to be seeing Man of Steel.  That was your recommendation and I’m grateful you made it.  The meal and the movie, the conversation, and the entire gesture you made, was, together, a fitting day off for me, a wonderful way to feel, through you, that the church I serve cares that I (and certainly not I alone) recuperate after the pile of offerings I give.  When I stepped away from serving for a Day, I felt like I was served.  Thank you, Tim, and thanks to the church that you represent in your acts of care to me.  You join a gracious circle of others who love well, care well, and give well.  I’m glad to be one of your pastors.