Finishing Courses

Semesters have always been natural endings for me as an adult. I’ve been impacted by academic calendars a lot in my life since college. As a student and teacher, finishing a course has been a normal way for me to reflect, consider, and plan for change.

I just ended a unit with students in clinical pastoral education. And I’m finishing a semester/year with my students at GETS in another week. I’m looking forward to an intensive course at NPTS that’ll happen in June. As some things close, I’m thinking about the things that we do as learners when we finish courses. Here are helpful questions worth sitting with when the course finishes:

  1. What did I do that I loved?
  2. How did I learn?
  3. Who will I be now that this is done?
  4. What does my spent energy say about my passions?
  5. Where can I do better?