Dana Kaye on Setting Yourself Apart

The point is, having a quality product (in your case, a good book), isn’t always enough to make it. Neither is good publicity. Ultimately, there has to be a demand for your product and it needs to be set apart from the competition. In our neighborhood, there are tons of fine dining restaurants. But not a lot of wine bars that offer small plates.

As authors, what sets your book apart? Sometimes, it’s the price point (offering a $2.99 sale or discounting the pre-order). It can also be the content, telling a story in a unique way. You can also move to areas of less competition and try to reach a new audience through publicity and marketing.

I’ve been in this business long enough to see that a wonderful book with rave reviews doesn’t necessarily equate to success. It takes creativity, drive, and setting yourself apart from the competition.

Seth Godin and “your competitive advantage”

Seth Godin is a careful observer, critical thinker, and creative mastermind.  You should visit his site, learn about him, and draw, in your own way, from his genius.  Here is a post he put up the other week.  You can find Seth’s blog here.

Are you going to succeed because you return emails a few minutes faster, tweet a bit more often and stay at work an hour longer than anyone else?

I think that’s unlikely. When you push to turn intellectual work into factory work (which means more showing up and more following instructions) you’re racing to the bottom.

It seems to me that you will succeed because you confronted and overcame anxiety and the lizard brain better than anyone else. Perhaps because you overcame inertia and actually got significantly better at your craft, even when it was uncomfortable because you were risking failure. When you increase your discernment, maximize your awareness of the available options and then go ahead and ship work that scares others… that’s when you succeed.

More time on the problem isn’t the way. More guts is. When you expose yourself to the opportunities that scare you, you create something scarce, something others won’t do.