Seeing What’s There

I was with a group of coworkers eating lunch, and we got onto the topic of eyesight. Glasses, lenses, and aging eyes. We shared quick stories about seeing and not seeing.

I talked about single lenses, they different ones. There are lots of options for people who have different eyes in their heads.

I have a lot of experience with seeing what’s in front of me. When I remove my glasses, a necessary accessory I’ve worn all my life, I see what’s there but in very different ways.

What’s clear with them is unclear without them. Sharp becomes fuzz. Distinction turns into muddled mess, especially the further a thing is from my face.

What’s there doesn’t change. I don’t even change. My eyes are the same. But the tools I use to enrich my vision make things appear different.

My natural ability remains but I use something in order to see what’s there. A tool can change your world.

Just the right tool can turn something from mess into clearness.

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