Blessing the House of the Heart

From Jan Richardson’s The Cure for Sorrow (and a fitting opening to blessing)

If you could see

how this blessing

shimmers inside you,

you would never wonder

whether there will be

light enough,

time enough,

room enough for you.

If you could see the way this blessing

has inscribed itself

on every wall

of your heart,

writing its shining line

across every doorway,

tracing the edge

of every window

and table

and hall–

if you could see this,

you would never question

where home is

or whether it has

a welcome for you.

This blessing wishes

to give you

a glimpse.

It will not tell you

it has been waiting.

It will not tell you

it has been keeping watch.

It would not

want you to know

just how long

it has been holding

this quiet vigil

for you.

It simply wants you

to see what it sees,

wants you to know

what it knows–

how this blessing

already blazes in you, illuminating every corner

of your broken

and beautiful heart.

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