Time & Fear

I wrote about my special relationship with time in the last post. Underneath that relationship is a very old basic thing called fear. I don’t think of it like this always, but whenever I’m in the future in my head, it’s a way that my fear is working me over. My fear takes me away from right now.

If you find yourself questioning or querying tomorrow; if you notice that your mental preference is for the days ahead; and if you think more about tomorrow than now, you may be subject to unnoticed fears. You may not but you probably are.

Fear should be normalized by the way. It’s not wrong to be afraid. It may eventually lead to wrong. It may get to be wrong. But the experience of fear starts as an experience of honesty. To say that you’re afraid, to notice that fear, is an expression of reality that is actually holy because it is an expression of deep authenticity.

Are you in the future because you’re forward-thinking or because you are a prophetic person? You may be subject to a darker side of that gifted expression. You may be prone in your inner self to fear. Try not to judge it. Sit with it. Take it in as a moment and a feeling. See what it tells you.

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