“I Gotta Guy”

I used to hear a phrase people would use when they would need something done and they’d know the person for it. It may have been in a movie. “I gotta guy” was the phrase.

It was and is a way to point to who’s around you, who’s available to you, who’s a resource to step in when you need someone. I don’t think I’ve heard it used in an especially gendered way. It’s less about a guy and more about help.

Everybody needs help. Whether you use language about guys or girls–and I’d suggest using those kinds of words less and less. Whatever words you use, though, how do you acknowledge your needs, your limits, and your resources?

Do you have a guy? Do you have a team? Do you have access to people who are helpful? Helpful is a key word because you can have people around you or available to you and they not help.

Take a moment and thank God for who’s around you and who’s helping you. Take another moment and survey critically whether you need new people, different people near.

There’s only courage and power in adding to the number of people around you who are helping you. Do you have a pastor? Do you have a spiritual director? Do you have a therapist? Do you have a friend?

These people can be helpful. Family can be helpful but they have a different job, right? Family is more than helpful! But when it comes to having help, who’s among that circle for you? Who’s there for you?


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