Go Ahead and Be Biased

Forget about objectivity. It’s a fallacy and a send-off. There is no such thing as being general. There isn’t a general individual on this planet. Why would you try to be?

Rather than trying to be what you cannot be, general, consider a more natural option: being biased. When you’re biased, you lean in a direction. You turn and set yourself. You head to a place.

Be slanted in a direction. Go somewhere that’s different, that’s unique to you, and that sets boundaries that are consistent with who you are with your different, unique, and special self.

You’re already biased, even if you don’t want to be. You’re interested in things and disinterested in other things. You wake dreaming about this and not that. You pray about some matters and ignore others. All of that means that you are facing a direction.

It’s absolutely true that you should question your biases, unearth the stories of your prejudices, and interrogate your acts of ignoring what is good. This is not a post about that kind of criticality. This post is a post about you being who you are and not some poor made up version of someone else. You were made to be you.

Go ahead and be biased. The worst that can happen is that find out that in the process of being you actually lived.

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