Your decisions and non-decisions will follow you into the future for the next dozen years if not longer. That’s what occurred to me as I read a story about a leader who died.

His life of service was full before a particular set of choices that turned the view of his constituency, the views of his peers, and likely his view of himself. I don’t think everything you are sits or falls on one choice or one non-choice. A person is more than his action, especially in an instance. And yet, a person is a person, and people can change perspectives for a number of reasons.

One event, one comment, one fight, one attempt at repair, one email. One gesture can turn the world between you and another person in any direction. What’s the direction you want for yourself? Perhaps what you choose can promote that direction. There are consequences to your decisions.

Your choices carry power. Imagine them greeting you in your future, claiming you and calling for you to claim them. Make decisions out of grace, so that grace carries consequences into tomorrow.

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