I saw an article in the sidebar when I was reading another article about big stores fighting over lease agreements. The piece I saw was about Tim Cook’s comment and his preparing as many people as possible to be CEO.

The comment sent my mind into a small whirl. Because of who I am and what I do, I couldn’t help but query myself and my list of friends and my mentors–all in my head–and ask, “What if people of faith take as their mission something similar?”

I wonder what would happen if we saw ourselves as responsible to prepare others, to equip others, for what we do. In other words, if a part of life is generativity, creating conditions for continuing some thing or some legacy, how well are we at it?

The article as a prompt makes me wonder how I see the future if I’m not about the process of caringly preparing my children, my family, my church, or my sphere for what’s ahead.

Perhaps there is nothing in your future to prepare for. Of course, I think there is something there, something ahead. The prompt, at least, makes you begin to see what may be there.

It makes you consider the question of whether what’s ahead is worth passing on to others.

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