Unafraid of Vulnerability

Leaders who show experience are relatable leaders. That goes for spiritual leaders, business and political leaders, department directors, and so on.

A part of experience is weakness. There are other parts and it’s showing less glamorous elements of our lives that tell how vulnerable we are with others.

Being vulnerable is sharing when you’ve been last in the race not first. And leaders need to be vulnerable. I think people want that in leaders.

And then there’s the qualifications of being a good, moral leader. Don’t you want to know that the person ahead of you (alongside, behind, or around you) knows the territory? Leaders who know the territory are unafraid of vulnerability because vulnerability–which is expressing your lived experience–is what makes you credible. It’s what makes you worth following.

If the test of your leadership at home or at work was your communication of your credibility, how’d you do? How’d you rate at exposing your experience relating to the troubles and triumphs facing your family or your colleagues? I think your answer identifies your level of vulnerability. It may also open you up to a way forward if you’re interested in developing relationships with people.

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