Prayers for Julia

Join me in praying for Julia who’s taking boards tomorrow:
Thanks to Fressonneveld

Thanks to Fressonneveld

Almighty God, you created Julia, which is another way of saying that you are creative and that you made not only Julia but every other person. What an amazing, remarkable thought. You made and you know us. Your memory about us is perfect. Knowing every hair on our heads as scripture says, you made us to be wondrous and wonderful.


As Julia studies for her boards, visit her with the same creativity, the same memory, the same particular genius with which you visited barren grounds and mud puddles in order make humankind in your image and likeness. Grant her what patience she needs for herself as she studies. Quicken her memory, build her capacity, stretch her confidence as she revisits old lessons, forgotten formulae, notes from class, annotations from articles, and all those books with their highlights and lines.


As Julia sits to take her test, sit with her and next to her and in her, anchoring her in ability to succeed and accomplish for glorious ends. Grant her clarity. Be good to her as she works, especially if there are things on the test she’s unprepared for. Place grace in that future. Help her to focus. Help her to remember. Help her to make things up in the same creative and spontaneous way you must have when you fashioned the seen and unseen.


When Julia finishes her exam, give her the clear ending inside that makes peace possible. Help her to celebrate the good work she’s done. Give her the gifts of rest and renewal and recreation. Bless her husband, Dean, with what he needs to take very good care of her. Make their time together nurturing, together and with their children. Help Julia surrender the results on the boards and in every other future moment into your loving hands.


I ask for these things; we ask for these things, in the name of the One who danced through creation with you and who redeems the same, Amen.

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