“…men should delay fatherhood…”

I read a quick piece of research about how fatherhood relates to mortality. I can think of a list on any day of how my boy makes my life, structures my days, and when I’m being funny, I question whether he’s trying to take me out. I look at him sometimes and say in my head that he’s got it out for me. And then this article.

Becoming a parent sooner raises your chances of an early death. This is kinda funny until you think about it. I kept asking, “What do the little ones annihilate the young dads or what?” I could take that line in so many directions. It’s a joke that keeps giving. On one hand, I know of old-school dads who had loads of kids and lived into their 90s. Of course, the tide has turned in recent decades.

So these researchers have found that guys should become fathers after 25 to ensure that they’ll live beyond, wait for it, 55. That’s not a long life by my standards!

The finding that young fathers tend to die earlier is cause for attention in the healthcare system, he said. In the United States, young men are the least likely of any demographic group to get regular healthcare. Pediatricians who see young fathers with their babies should encourage the men to take care of their own health in addition to their new families’ well-being.

The little ones have a plan, folks. Don’t let them take us out. And stay healthy. I think that’s the point. Children need to be raised no matter when you become a father.

Take a look at this article.

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