Parenting Verbatim

Thanks to Jordan McQueen

Thanks to Jordan McQueen


It’s morning, before we leave home, and the boy comes to me with a question.

S = Son

F = Father

J = Friend at camp



S1: Daddy, is today my last day at camp?

F1: No, why do you think that?

S2: Because J said today is the last day of camp.

F2: Your friend doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

S3: He laughs.

F3: I like the way you asked me though. You can always ask me or your mother a question. Especially when your friends say something. Plus, friends don’t usually know what they’re talking about at your age.

S4: Okay, daddy. He smiles.

F4: I’m serious. It’s great that you asked me about camp. You have 3 more weeks. J was making stuff up.


Learning Summary

Bryce will have a whole stack of similar conversations with friends, and we have to balance the “Your friends are dumb” with the “Always ask us” with the “We have a question for you, son.”


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