Long Games and Good Questions

Thanks to Joshua Earle & Unsplash

Thanks to Joshua Earle & Unsplash

I was working a piece with a friend–and then I saw the title to an article on a particular political leader–and both experiences made me question myself in this way, “What’s my long game?”

I’m no athlete. That was my brother’s hobby in high school. While he was mastering football on Simeon’s beautiful blue and gold, I would work in drivers ed, take the school’s cars to mechanics, and flirt with girls from different schools.

But there’s something I like about athletic metaphors. And when I saw that article title and contemplated the piece me and my brother-friend wrote, I wondered about my own leanings, my own directions.

You think through such things in ministry anyway. You have to have some sense of internal direction. It helps to add to that a sense of interiority. But the explicit question needs to raise: what is the plan? Where does the map I’m working from lead? In what direction I am hoping this thing will go? Those are long game questions.


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