Great Days

Martin Vorel & Stocksnap

Martin Vorel & Stocksnap

Sometimes, in the morning, before we leave the house or on our way to work–Bryce’s work is school, of course, and my work is ministry–we talk about the day we plan to have. We proclaim whether it’ll be a good day or a fun day or an excellent day or a happy day. For a while we would learn new words for our upcoming days, trading the same old terms for new ones I’d have to explain. Usually, though, Bryce goes for the simple, descriptive, and memorable.

When I started this, it was probably because of some deficit in the boy’s day just prior. I was probably responding because of some thing he did the previous afternoon that his teacher delivered on a note. “Please talk with Bryce about his…”

Then, as it stuck, the “What kind of day are we going to have?” turned into one of our little traditions. Now, when I raise the question once or twice a week, it’s a way for me to have the boy to begin thinking about his day, about his expectations for himself, about my expectations for him and about all the same for myself.

The other day Bryce said that we would all have a great day–“me, you, and Mommy”–he said as we were eating breakfast. And I accepted his words like a blessing, like a benediction, like something worth looking forward to. May his words be your expectation for your day and days.

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