Hummingbirds and the Delights of Staying

As usual, David Swanson does a fabulous work in bringing me to a salient, contemplative, and insightful moment. His impressions open me up to the ways in which I can notice, and after having been where I am for the time I have. I appreciate each word for where it takes me: hummingbirds, delights, staying.

And the garden would make you envy the birds, it’s so serene. Thanks, David.

David W. Swanson

The hummingbirds should be back any day now. This was my thought a few days ago and a quick search online confirmed it: the first ones had been spotted in Chicago a week or so earlier. So a couple days later I brought out our two feeders, washed them, and added the sugary water they can’t resist. This morning, sitting on the porch while feeding the nine-month-old, I spotted the first one. It’s one of my favorite moments of the year.

This small sequence of barely noticeable events got me thinking about staying. We’ve lived in our Chicago home for six years and for the first few I never saw a hummingbird. We put up a feeder on a whim, not expecting much. But the birds came and now we have two feeders in addition to some recently planted honeysuckle that they seem to love even more than the sugar water. I’m…

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