I’ve seen you and thought of you sense we last sat down together, but talking about you with a friend brought all that history back in front of my face.

We were talking about what we’d do differently, whether we’d cut something here, change something there.  It was good to come away from that conversation realizing that what we did together last time in the course of prayer we’d do again closely this time.

We’ll use most of the same methods.  The students will be different, of course, but we’re returning to you as a topic, returning the lessons you brought us all.  We’ll think together about theology and gender and embodiment and spiritual practices.

We’ll talk and talk and we’ll listen.  We’ll read mystics and theologians and biblical scholars.  We’ll train our eyes and ears to attend to our fellow learners.

And hopefully we’ll learn how to pray.  May God teach us to pray.

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