A Prayer For Healing Today

As this surgery starts and throughout the procedure, be the Lord who heals.  You made your servant’s body, know his frame, and remember everything within it.  You know him, love him, and remember him.  So look at and bless him with the sensitivity and care that he needs.

Relieve all manner of sickness.  Remove pain.  Use doctors and nurses and attending angels to do your work.  Grant your servant a strong sense of your company, so that, as he lays and waits and receives both loss and newness, he may always have you.

There are needs beyond your servant’s, and his need today remind me of how long you’ve been healing before now.  You are accustomed to saving and reclaiming and making whole.  Do your work as you often do, even when we don’t notice or watch or praise or acknowledge it.

Be the most competent physician during today’s surgery.  As each nurse and doctor tend to him, be present in each touch, word, and gesture, making healing happen.  Bring recovery when all is done and may strength be in the body of your child and friend and servant.

Grant his family all the courage they need.  May they know your mercy, be enveloped in your lavish grace.  These things are not difficult for you.

In the name of the One who made healing his work.  Amen.

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