Three Things in Two Weeks

I’ve noticed these three things over the last two weeks with the boy’s transition from daycare to preschool:

  1. It wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been.  It wasn’t as bad as we thought it’d be.  Bryce certainly cried that first day.  When we returned to pick him up, the principal and office manager greeted us loudly, saying how glad Bryce would be to see us.  The office manager was asking the principal, “Who’s their child?  Not Bryce.”  I told Dawn that the boy already had a reputation.  Even then, when we went to the classroom, Bryce was playing with the science teacher’s toys, sufficiently entertained, and hardly ready to go.
  2. The rhythm structures life.  Just like when Bryce was in daycare, school has a way of giving us all structure.  There are expectations for him and for us.  Dawn makes his lunch each night.  I feed him breakfast daily.  He has to be at school by a certain time, and unlike before when he accompanied his mother to work for his work, I now take him to school in the morning.  This means, regardless of my body’s favorite rhythm, I am up and out consistently, even if I’m largely unconscious.
  3. Bryce really likes the uniform.  Dawn says his style follows my own.  I don’t know about that.  He’s particular, the boy.  He even told Dawn one day when they were playing, while he was still wearing his school pants and shirt, “You’re going to wrinkle me.”  We nearly fell out.  We don’t have to argue about removing his clothes before he plays after we come home.  Plus, he looks really good in a blazer.

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