You Gotta Have Faith

I appreciate Leslie’s reflections here and hope you do too.

Confessions from Momville

For the past few months, I have been serving with an outreach ministry at my church, Copper Pointe. It has been a tremendous blessing in so many ways. We are serving to show love, to be love, and to represent Love. Undoubtedly, it is a privilege to do so. After this month’s outreach, I was feeling conflicted or bothered or something that those words do not accurately describe. I was feeling the limitations of extending that love in the time and space provided. I was confronting the questions of equality and justice and the reign of darkness. I was coming to terms with the weight of the cross. He did not just carry it because I yelled at my kids or blurted an expletive in a time of road rage. He carried unadulterated pure evil to extents that I am oblivious to most parts of my sheltered day.


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