Prayer For Work For a Sister Friend

Almighty God,

Our times are in your hands.  Our pasts, with their long disappointments, are there.  Our unknown futures are there, too.  In your hands.

Remind my sister that these things are true, even as life without good work feels long and dry and pointless.  She is in your hands.

You gave her the ability and the heart to do her work.  Please open this door and make her successful as she walks, with you, through it.  Who can close the doors you open?

I ask for your help in her interview today.  Calm her.  Excite her.  Ready her tongue and her mind so she’ll interact with grace and poise and skill.  Give her a sense of your abiding presence.  Make the time enjoyable and give her glimpses of why you’ve gifted her the way you have.

When the interview is done, help her give the time over to you.  Grant that she might surrender every next, unknown step.  Teach her how to surrender what’s next into the largest hands imaginable.  She already trusts you, which is why she’s asked for prayer, so be for her what no other power can be.

In the name of the most effective, creative worker, Jesus, I pray.


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