Let’s Try This Week

I hope this week holds a better end than last one for us, son.  You gave me and your mother a fit and a problem.  And I’m not interested in redoing what we did.  There are many things about you that are, simply, unforgettable.  You added to that list on Thursday and on Saturday.  For now, I’ll preserve the details.  You can ask me about the ingredients of this post some day, and I promise I’ll recall them.  You made us scratch our heads, collect ourselves in a bathroom conference while you sat and waited and no doubt thought we were going crazy.  But we were walking away from crazy.  And we expect that you, too, will walk away from it.  Let’s try this week.  Let’s all be better.  You, mommy, and me.  The alternative to being better doesn’t look good for you, so take the suggestion as firm.

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