Story Week at Columbia College, pt 2

Story WeekLast week I went to a few sessions at Columbia College’s festival for writers.  It was another generous time at what they called one of the largest free conferences for folks interested in writing and publishing.  Sadly, like good gatherings, it ended.

The last session I went to consisted of a panel–including two publishers, one editor, and two agents.  They talked for an hour about submissions, traditional and self-publishing, marketing, and voice.  They said a lot.  I wasn’t trying to write their comments or answers to questions, as much as I was taking them in.  Here are a few quotes were worth capturing from the panel:

There’s no threat of books and stories going away.  None.

…how it’s going to end up, I’m not too sure.

Publishing is the intersection between art and commerce.

No one place is central to the conversation.

There’s a really bright future.  For every book.

There were certainly less inspiring words.  But I’ll keep these and revisit them.  Perhaps you will too as you write, revise, and submit.

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