Prayer for a Friend as She Travels

A friend said something the other day in an email that I thought was worth keeping:

Randomly placed prayers will be highly appreciated.

She is traveling for several days.  She’s not one to throw away requests for prayer as if they are refuse.  And I am not one to pray that way either.  So, here is a randomly placed prayer for her and for others who may be traveling.

Almighty God,

You walk with us everywhere we go.  You drive with us, move with us.  When we see you and when we don’t, you are present, in the midst of our days, even when those days start with us in one place and end with us in another.  Remind Kimmy and those traveling like her, that your presence is sure and stable, that you are ahead, that you are the end of every good and bad trip, that you can be found when destinations get lost.  Protect her as she drives.  Keep her awake the way you did when she last took this trip.  Even if she has to drink caffeinated drinks to stay alert.  Guard her daughter, her obvious companion, and print loving memories in Charlotte’s heart for the time they spend together, with others, and with you.  Give them many good things to draw from as they are away; help them see you, sense your love and grace.  Give them all the feelings of fun and relaxation and overwhelming pleasure that comes when family is at its best.  Ease their pace so that they travel at just the right speeds.  No need for them to meet police officers during this journey.  Bring them home to the others who love them.  Until then, make their hearts trust you for the people they’ve left behind.  Thank you.


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