Bryce, Some Who’ve Loved You…

…since before you were.

Cousin Debbie, extraordinary at all things, and Cousin Rob, her equally convincing brother.

Aunt Carmen dishing food, feeding friends like Deacon.

Grannie and Aunt Agnes planning to run things.

Uncle EJ before he said too much.

Auntie Maggie

Aunt Maggie hoping you’re not like me…

Mama Regina

Mama Regina “layin it down”

Uncle David

Uncle David Coming Close to Revealing Secrets

Aunt Chevon

Aunt Chevon Enjoying the Moment


  1. Children seem to focus the family and larger community around them in ways I had not anticipated before Joe’s arrival. It has, at least for the time being, changed our family dynamic for the better. If nothing else, it will never be the same again.



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