One Reason To Be Grateful

The conversation–dreaded for all the unknowns hidden underneath your specific need–with that person you know only by what wrong you’re seeking to speak to them about, when, in the small space of eight minutes, you will explain how they’ve mistreated you and when you will tell them without telling them that they need to change, and they will accept what you’ve said like a gift, and you’ll really see grace and splendor because it could have gone in a dozen wrong directions.DSCF1355


  1. What are you doing in my head today, Pastor Michael?
    I started across the street this morning to talk to my neighbor, who was shoveling his driveway (which was strange, since there was barely an inch of snow), about the increase in “business transactions” he has been making on our block, and how cavalier and careless he’s being lately, and to remind him of both of our 4 year old children who may start to wonder what he’s doing…and before I got halfway down my driveway a truck pulled up to him and pulled away 2 minutes later. Sigh. When I get to have this conversation, I hope it doesn’t go in a dozen wrong directions.



    1. Thanks Michael. This post changed the course of my day. We’ll all likely be snowed in on the block this weekend…hoping for some opportunities.



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