Wouldn’t Quite Call This A Reflection

It is debilitating to read or hear about another murdered child, another known and unknown murderer, another set of families who have forever been changed by tragedy, another lukewarm, if present, response by various onlookers, be they leaders or church people or neighbors or strangers.A School Playlot

There are surely words to say, aches to verbalize, phrases to pray.  And then there is the throat-grabbing shock of violence, that first, almost innocent, feeling that’s snatched away a little at a time when a child’s life is taken.  Every life matters.  Every person is honorable.  And yet there is something gross and unshapely when a child’s life is taken.  Whether or not we stop and pay attention.  Whether the story goes unreported or shared.  Whether people come near those families and remind them how real it is that things, in a way, will never get better for them.

The fantastic, appalling nature of the murder of a child sinks in deeper and deeper, and it makes you question substantial things.

I don’t intend this to be trite at all.  If anything, I’m contextualizing my question with the above-mentioned call for silence.  Still, my question for you: Does your faith or faith tradition say anything about such things?

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