Pastors & Elections

I happily admit that I grew up in a church where it was usual for the church (i.e., a large group of people) to take on political matters.  We heard things said about politics and about political leaders.  We may have heard things about who to vote for and who not to vote for.  While that was less common, I do remember a comment about staying out of the bushes at one point.  I was in seminary at the time and that got a chuckle from my prof and classmates.  It was both a homiletical success and a political statement.

I’m not up to preach this weekend.  But I remember my feeling sitting in church the week after Barack Obama was first elected to the presidency.  I remember the appetite I had for being in worship, the expectation I had for whatever the pastor would say.  I remember the disappointment–even though it was laced with understanding of our diverse congregation–when nothing was said about the historic choice.

I’m not expecting an acknowledgement of the election this time around.  I’ve already celebrated in my own way what I feel like can be a useful moment (or series of moments) in the nation’s history, even while the country is divided both by political personalities and the policies to match and a long long list of other things most folks are unwilling to mention.

Still, I have a questions for you.

If you attend church, would you like to hear your pastor speak specifically about the election?  Is it something you’d look forward to, something you’d expect, something you’d be disturbed by?

Is there a place, any place, for your preacher’s comments in the midst of the, now, post-election season?

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