Questions I’d Raise At A Presidential Debate

I wonder what it’d be like for fathers (and mothers) to ask questions of the presidential candidates with particular attention to issues related to their children and families.  Here are a few of my questions, written for either of them and in no order of importance:

  1. You both have run for this office before.  What exactly did your spouse say when you broached this subject again?
  2. Does the federal government have any responsibility in presenting a model for how to support parents who take their children’s upbringing seriously?
  3. How do you explain your aspirations for this office to your children and your family?
  4. What would you like families to know about your policies?
  5. How do you think we can make the political parts of our country accessible to children of all ages?
  6. Your opponent’s children are in a different stage than yours.  What would you ask him about his parenting habits?
  7. Give us an explanation of how you expect to personally manage being a parent and spouse with the requirements of the presidency.
  8. Will your administration address unfair sentencing practices so that a child who looks like me who does something stupid has the same consequences as children who don’t look like me?
  9. Children are often most disadvantaged because their votes don’t count, so I’m really interested in you explaining how children matter in our democracy.
  10. Why hasn’t the issue of poverty been raised by your campaign, and what will you do about it, another than making sure the middle class is attended to in whatever way you’re discussed already?

What would you ask?

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