Remarkable Days

Last Thursday I was treated to attend the Wheaton Theology Conference where professors presented papers on the pastor and theologian Deitrich Bonhoeffer.  On Friday I was gifted to attend the African American Studies Conference at Northwestern.  At the first conference I joined my friend David.  At the second I attended with my wife Dawn.

It, together, was two remarkable days, both for the gathering of informed people discussing things that matter and for the splendid company I kept.  There is much to say about the days.  There were nuances which made up our commutes.  There were the familiar nods and the unexpected sighs of agreement between me and each conference partner.  There was laughter.  There was wondering and head shaking.  There was intimacy building in the midst of learning.  Much more was happening to cement me into two people who have become indispensable in my life.

I thought about those remarkable days.  I’m sure I’ll forget them after a couple months.  After all, I’ve attended more conferences than I can remember, just in the last five years, and not counting the rest of the lectures, readings, and discussions which combined under the illuminating years of grad school.  Who can remember all the papers read and outlines handed out and questions answered with dizzying profundity?  I won’t, I’m sure.  But I hope I remember something about days like last week, especially since those are the moments which make up my life.

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