Richard Westley on Why He Loves Having a Daughter

I was introduced to this pastor through a friend, and he has a splendid post about why he loves having a daughter.

I have just a few months before my youngest child and daughter turns two.  Cora Mae Nicole Johnson is a bright soul in my life.  Her smile is gorgeous and she’s becoming quite an entertainer.  I wish you could see her dance and hear her sing and watch her act as if all eyes are not on her.  Because I just had the inspiration to write about her, I thought I’d share what I am learning from “missy”.  My dreams for her are rooted in my theology that God equally calls and equips women for vocational ministry and service in the church.  Although I don’t necessarily see call of God for Cora to serve in a vocational ministry space, I certainly don’t want our culture nor the church to limit her opportunities to reach any potential the Spirit imparts to her.  So without further adue…my list for why I am thankful to have a daughter.

  1. Cora Mae teaches me to pay attention to gender differences.  I rough house with my boys and I muyst be mindful that Cora is not like that.  I can’t give a skowl to her (in jest) and expect her to playfully skowl back at me.  Her feelings can not be played with…and must be nurtured and protected.  One look could just about ruin a day for her and me.
  2. A daughter truly gives me a love that is different from my boys.  Just listening to her say, “daddy” is enough to make my day. I don’t feel called into competition nor do I feel as if need to coach with Cora.  Strangely, I am more relaxed around her.  Think about #1 on this list and you might assume I’d be on pins and needles around her.  On the contrary, I feel more at ease with Cora…playful.  With my boys I feel a sense of responsibility to prepare them for a harsh world.

Click here to finish reading Richard’s post.

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