Questions on Forgiveness

I saw Nissi’s post at Plantain Periodicals the other week, where she raised questions about forgiveness after reading TD Jakes’s novel.  After reading the  book, she says one the central questions it raised was, how do we know that the change we see is forever and genuine?

However I do know in my own small way how it feels to strongly dislike someone who has massively hurt and offended me. Although I have managed to forgive (in most cases – praying that in 2012 I will see the full closure of all), I have doubted their claims that they have changed. Several times I have believed that they have not changed…and have been proved right. However I do not see it as a score board – I am right vs you are wrong: No. Instead I am now questioning if my presumptions have contributed to their seeming inability to be able to change?

How would you answer that?  Have you ever doubted whether you’ve forgiven a person?  No need to comment–I know you won’t anyway!  Read Nissi’s post, if you’re interested, by clicking here.

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