Thurman on Christmas, 2 of 3

The following is a meditation on “The Season of Affirmation.”  It’s also from Meditations Of The Heart.

Christmas is the season of affirmation.

I affirm my faith in the little graces of life: The urgency of growth, the strength of laughter, the vitality of friendship.

I affirm my confidence in the dignity of man: His fortitude in despair, his strength in weakness, his love in hatred.

I affirm my joy in the experience of living: The fragrance of nostalgia, the scattered moments of delight, the exhilaration of danger.

I affirm my need of my fellows: The offerings of faiths, the gifts of variety, the quality of difference.

I affirm my hunger for God: The desire for fulfillment, the ache for understanding, the sense of peace.

Christmas  is my season of affirmation.

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