Mondays With My Boy #15 and #16

God bless my sister.  She’s handled good chunks of the boy’s day for the last two Mondays.

The first one last week was to give me a break.  I went to exercise and to pick up clothes from the cleaners and to buy my sister the new CD from the always lovely and exquisite Lalah Hathaway.  Renee watched the boy and loved it.  She always does.  Of course, she does things I don’t allow while watching him because she has a way of ignoring instructions when they directly oppose her opinions, but that’s another post.  The boy is safe which has to matter most when I’m offered free time on the day that once was my day off.

This Monday she came by because I participated, as a committee member, in a hiring process at my seminary.  They’re looking to fill a permanent role, and I was asked to join one part of the interviewing process.  I also had a quiet cup at Evanston’s tea shop, which always relaxes me.  I haven’t been there for a few years.  Just looking up at those boards with all those delightful types of tea made me thankful.

Me and the boy had our time.  We went to the park both Mondays…or did something.  I wouldn’t abandon him altogether in my pursuit of fun.  But I’m grateful for my sister stepping in to give me respite.

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