What To Tell Them

I have a mantra that I tell the boy in the morning.  Well, most mornings.  It’s a simple mantra.  My wife knows what it is, and I’ll keep it between us.  I thought about my repetitive phrase today when I looked in my journal after class and saw something.

I wrote a note to myself some time ago.  It says, “Tell your child.”  Then there are four things I put underneath that little heading.  They are

  1. Tell him he’ll be good.
  2. Tell him you love him.
  3. Tell him his mother cares unconditionally.
  4. Tell him he’s safe by God’s grace and your help.

There are probably a lot of other things to add to that list.  Maybe I need to create and repeat multiple mantras in the boy’s ears when I’m combing his hair.  Then I’d have a project though.  I’d need a band and sound effects and everything else just to get the point across.

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