New Meaning To “Will Eat Anything”

I thought I was the child who grew up willing to eat anything.  I wasn’t.  That was just a way my loved ones talked about my large appetite.  The other day I read an article that brought that to mind and that also made me wonder whether I should have taken my son’s eating of our boots and shoes and remote controls seriously.

That’s a little facetious on my part.  Consider it an amusing way to introduce a serious topic.  Have you heard of Pica?  It’s a rare condition—named for a bird that will eat anything.  The condition causes children to eat things that aren’t food.  “Doctors say these unusual cravings can be triggered by a lack of certain nutrients like iron or zinc. Some with Pica crave the texture of some materials in their mouths.”  It’s rare and I’m sure it’s more world-shaping than the regular adjustments which come along with parenting.

The article also says that adults are not immune by the way.

To read the full story, click here.

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